The Countryside

The countryside inland from Misano offers a variety of historical sights, nature parks and wildlife oases of equal interest to couples, families with children or groups of friends.


For example, at Gemmano in Valconca, just a few kilometres from Misano, you can visit the Onferno Nature Reserve, and go on a fascinating guided tour of the Onferno Caves, home to a rare colony of bats.

Other places to visit from Misano include the Conca Wildlife Oasis, which can be explored either on foot or by bicycle.

Alternatively, you can visit some of the many mediaeval villages, castles and historic houses in the local area. One of the most impressive sights is Montegridolfo, an architectural jewel classed as one of Italy’s most beautiful walled villages, and also home to the interesting Gothic Line Museum. Equally fascinating are Verucchio with its famous castle, seat of the Malatesta dynasty, and San Leo, in the Montefeltro territory, with its dominating hilltop fortress. There is also the charming town of Gradara with its castle which, according to legend, formed the backdrop for the romantic tale of Paolo and Francesca, narrated by Dante in his “Inferno”, the first book of the Divine Comedy.