Amusement parks


The amusement parks on the Romagna Riviera are one of the main attractions enticing families and young people to come to this area during the summer.

They are very easy to reach from Misano Adriatico. At Rimini, you can visit the Dolphinarium, or go to Fiabilandia, which has attractions for even very young children. Alternatively, you can explore Italia in Miniatura, with its wonderful reproductions of some of Italy’s and Europe’s finest monuments. You can also visit the Aquarium at Cattolica, with more than 100 huge tanks holding some of the world’s most wonderful species of marine creatures. At Riccione, you are sure to have fun at the Aquafan aquatic park, or indeed at Oltremare, where you can enjoy a voyage back in time to the prehistoric era. Here, you can watch the fantastic dolphin shows with the famous Ulysses, well-known to every child, gaze at tanks of tropical fish and sea-horses, or follow the educational trail to explore the typical flora and fauna of the Po Delta.

The hotels in Misano provide a variety of special offers for the amusement parks at some unbeatable prices. With free entry to the parks for your children and lots of services specifically for families, Misano provides all you need for a complete and pleasurable holiday.