Quality Beach

Misano Adriatico has often been awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of its water and beaches, and from 2000 onwards also for its beach facilities. The bathing stations at Misano are kept very clean, respecting important standards of environmental protection. The resort also offers a good range of beach services for tourists, with particular attention paid to disabled visitors and families with children.

Most of the hotels in Misano are close to the beach, so it is very easy to get there safely and easily with your children.


The beach services available at Misano range from the presence of lifeguards, first aid stations, and emergency medical services to organized activities on the beach, ensuring that visitors enjoy the very best in terms of safety, convenience and entertainment. All the beaches have special areas for children and playgrounds where youngsters can amuse themselves in complete safety while their parents enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the sea. The children’s beaches at Misano feature special mini-clubs, where expert activity-leaders can look after youngsters at pre-set times, involving the older ones in various activities, group games, dancing and sports on the beach.